Alibaba, Made in China and website! 2020-08-20

A sudden epidemic in 2020 has affected the development of our life, and it has a huge hit to the foreign trade business.

XIAMEN ISEE ENERGY (ARTSIGN) is specializes in the design and production of solar stents. Due to the impact of the epidemic, we only participated in the Dubai exhibition this year. Many customers came to visit us and inquiry for our solarmounting system.

Many inquired about tin roof brackets, cement roof brackets, some customers inquired about tile roof brackets, and many customers prepared for their next ground projects.

Our stand in Foreign shows 2020:

1. Solar Middle East 2020 - Booth # SAE10 / March 3th ~ 5th, 2020 - Dubai, UAE;

2. Solar Solutions 2020 - Booth # G1 / Sep 7th ~ 13th, 2020 - Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands;

3. Intersolar Europe 2020 - Booth # C4.230 / June 17th ~ 19th, 2020 - Munich, Germany;

4. ExpoSolar Colombia 2020-Booth#237 / July15th~17th,2020-Medellin, Colombia;

Due to the epidemic, 3 exhibitions have been postponed, The Netherlands solar solution 2020, Munich, Germany Intersolar Europe 2020,  Medellin, Colombia ExpoSolar Colombia, But don't worry. In order to let our customers better understand of our products, we have also improved the Alibaba, Made in China and company website as below:

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